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Persoana anului- Times

Vladimir Putin!

A Tsar is born!

Se pare ca trebuie sa ne rugam pentru tsar (Dumnezeu sa-l tina departe de noi!). Citesc Biblia , dar nu scriu emailuri -zice Putin…


Crestinul si cultura

„Ours is an age of the enthroned self, devoid of absolute truth or a binding morality.Our dominant culture is spiritually delusional, consumeristic, and intellectually and aesthetically superficial. None of us should be deceived into thinking we are immune from the seductive spirit of our age. Our minds have been squeezed into the mold of the thought patterns, beliefs, values, and behaviors of our fallen culture. Though they are utterly at odds with God’s elevating purpose for our life, we are blind to them, vulnerable to them, and even addicted to them.”
„Our transformation requires a deliberate decision to stop conforming to the spirit of our age. While there are many worthy elements in our culture, our nonconformity must start with the assumption that certain aspects of both the faith and the culture around us are at odds with God’s will. This means developing the habit of consciously evaluating our faith and culture and resisting those that are incompatible with God’s expectations for our life. It also means changing our daily practices to reflect the priority of pursuing God first and fully. If we spend hours consuming popular culture each day and only a few minutes nurturing our spirit, how can we expect to avoid conforming to the thought patterns of our age?”

Dick Staub

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