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Selectez dintr-un articol pe care tocmai il citesc (cbc.ca)
Sublinierile imi apartin.

„World leaders will meet to „strengthen and modernize our nations’ financial systems” to avoid another crisis like the one that has thrown the international economy into turmoil, U.S. President George W. Bush said Saturday”
…”As we make the regulatory institutional changes necessary to avoid a repeat of this crisis, it is essential that we preserve the foundations of democratic capitalism — commitment to free markets, free enterprise and free trade,” Bush said.”

…Sarkozy said the G8 meeting should produce „a new capitalism.” On Saturday, he said the problem is international and therefore needs an international solution.

Barosso said „we need a new global financial order.”

…”There is no freedom [in capitalism] without a minimum of regulation and supervision,” the French president said before leaving the three-day Francophonie meeting early for his trip to the U.S.

Harper said a „new infrastructure” is needed in the world of globalization.

„It’s not to say capitalism is flawed — it’s to say that governments have a responsibility to create a better infrastructure for the establishment of markets internationally,” he said.

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