o interactiune personala si aleatoare cu mediul inconjurator :-)

Un interesant articol despre Cum sa (nu) fi misionar american in Scotia. Cred ca, fara prea multa nuantare, observatiile autorului se potrivesc si situatiei din Romania– update. Probabil as parafraza articolul, Cum sa (nu) fi misionar american in Europa.

Cititi tot articolul . Iata cateva cuvinte mai jos…

„Those who are funding you demand results – that means bottoms on seats. It means numbers. In order to be able to report home that God is at work through you and therefore people should be supporting you, you need to highlight the growth and the numerical increase. For that to happen in postmodern Scotland the easiest way is to go to an area where there are a significant number of churches (which you consider to be pretty dead) and poach. Given the manpower and money it only takes a modest level of competency to gather 50 plus people. You can then send reports of how you have established a church (or to use the jargon – ‘how God is working through you’) and your supporters back home will be happy. But at what cost? I do not deny that the Lord can and does bless even through such methods. Of course there are people who are genuinely converted but there is also harm done – some churches are weakened, others are tempted to try such short-termism and overall the impact of the gospel on the community is severely weakened.”

Ca sa nu ramanem numai cu o perspectiva negativa asupra misionarilor americani, vreau totusi sa contrabalansez subliniind totusi faptul ca ei sunt gata sa ‘faca misiune’.

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