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Un raspuns la intrebarile de aici

Cuvantul dragoste, hubb, in diferitele forme gramaticale este folosit de 69 de ori in Qur’an.

In Biblie, cuvantul dragoste este folosit de 409 ori.

In cele din urma, nu numarul utilizarilor demonstreaza ceva, ci mesajul transmis atunci cand cuvantul este folosit.

What we have observed is that while the Qur’an tells of the love of God, in most cases it is expressed in a negative fashion, „God loves not …” or it is based upon human conditions for its exercise. God loves the one who does good, the pure, the just, the trusting, the patient and persevering, the one who takes up arms to fight in God’s cause. But where is there room for a God who initiates love in order to win over the lost and erring? Where is He who loved us while we were yet sinners? Where is there room for the one who was rich, yet for our sakes became poor so that we might be made rich? The contrast is too great to overlook. Could we not also reply that, yes, we too love those who do good and are just and demonstrate good qualities. But that would mean that God only expresses a human love if His love is based on conditions. A revelation of infinite love demands something of the extraordinary, something commiserate with the nature and character of God Himself. The cross is the only historical expression of that love.”

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