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Karl Barth despre Billy Graham

“He’s a “jolly good fellow” “with whom one can talk easily and openly; one has the impression that he is even capable of listening, which is not always the case with such trumpeters of the gospel.” But then he went to see Graham preach at St. Jacob stadium, and witnessed his influence on the masses. “I was quite horrified. He acted like a madman and what he presented was certainly not the gospel.” “It was the gospel at gun-point….He preached the law, not a message to make one happy. He wanted to terrify people. Threats – they always make an impression. People would much rather be terrified than be pleased. The more one heats up hell for them, the more they come running.” To Barth, it was illegitimate to make the gospel law or “to ‘push’ it like an article for sale… we must leave the good God freedom to do his own work”


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