o interactiune personala si aleatoare cu mediul inconjurator :-)


Va recomand sa cititi acest blogpost:Interview with Jaron Lanier on „You are Not a Gadget”
Veti gasi ceva din avantajele internetului , dar si cateva pericole.
Ganditi-va numai la partea cu ‘colectivizarea’.
Iata si concluzia autorului:

„Creativity requires periodic, temporary „encapsulation” as opposed to the kind of constant global openness suggested by the slogan „information wants to be free.” Biological cells have walls, academics employ temporary secrecy before they publish, and real authors with real voices might want to polish a text before releasing it. In all these cases, encapsulation is what allows for the possibility of testing and feedback that enables a quest for excellence. To be constantly diffused in a global mush is to embrace mundanity.”

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